Packaging in home care has become increasingly important in delivering added benefits to the consumer in terms of value, functionality and visual appeal, while conveying the brand image. Prominence on the shelf is therefore of utmost importance in FMCG categories, which is commonly achieved through design innovations.

With our multi technology capabilities, we help our customers design unique packaging and bring it to mass production with a quick time-to-market. Our labelling and sleeving facility helps us deliver a market ready packaging to our customers.



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We have manufactured PET bottles in different designs and volumes for products like

  • Liquid dish wash
  • Glass cleaner
  • Disinfectant
  • Floor cleaner etc

We make use of ISBM and IBM technologies to manufacture PET bottles and containers of complex designs.



HDPE’s resistance to most solvents, acids and alkalis, makes it a perfect packaging material for floor cleaners, toilet cleaner and disinfectants. We have the capability to manufacture angular neck bottles for toilet cleaners and disinfectants along with squeeze bottles for easy dispensing of the product.


At Manjushree, we have the capability to customize the closures depending on the products application.

The closures can be chosen from the undermentioned options:

  • Snap Closures
  • Single Start Necks and Cap
  • Three Start Necks and Cap
  • Push-to-open caps, commonly used in dish washes

Pumps & Sprays

Spray dispensers, portion control devices and ergonomic containers are all innovations which are responding to a consumer’s desire for convenience. We have pump and sprays with different locking and dispensing mechanisms that control the release of product, like –

  • Lock up pumps
  • Screw down pumps
  • Lotion and serum pumps with portion control
  • Fine mist spray pumps
  • Pocket sprays

Innovations in Home Care Packaging

Foaming Technology

This technology enables all the products made from Blow Molding & Injection Molding, to be replaced with a lighter polymer foam instead of the bulky polymers

Recycled Plastic Layer

We are testing our bottle-to-bottle circular economy approach, by mixing 30% recycled plastic with virgin plastic for making home care packaging.

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