Personal Care is all about packaging that gives an attractive look to the product, is functional and easy to use for customers while being sustainable. Our innovative packaging is designed to deliver satisfaction to your customers, whether it is through better dispensing or the squeeze bottles we always aim to dispense as much of the product as possible.

Our labeling technologies like silk screening, pad printing, acid etching etc creates a high end look for the packaging and gives it an elegant and distinctive look. We also provide innovations like compact and portable packaging, which is a growing consumer trend.



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The transparency attribute of PET makes it the most sort after packaging material for personal care industry. We manufacture PET bottles of different volumes and shapes to compliment the products of our partner brands. The bottles we manufacture are being extensively used to fill Baby Care, Oral Care, Skin Care, Hair Care, Fragrances, Bath and Shower, Sun Care products.



Known for its high chemical resistance, HDPE is the choice of packaging for several of our cosmetic brand partners. With our extrusion blow moulding capabilities we can co-extrude multi-layer HDPE bottles with recycled middle layers that fulfill a brand’s sustainability goals. These bottles can be used to fill shampoo and hair care products, skin care products and fragrances.


Dispensing systems are a key method to differentiate brands while adding value to the product. Packaging that offers ease of use is likely to gain favor from busy consumers. Spray dispensers, portion control devices and ergonomic containers are all innovations which are responding to a consumer’s desire for convenience.

    We have pump and sprays with different locking mechanisms like –
  • Lock down pumps
  • Lock up pumps
  • Screw down pumps
  • Lotion and serum pumps with portion control
  • Fine mist spray pumps
  • Pocket sprays


One of the prime convenience features in personal care packaging is re-closeable packaging.

Because of the nature of some personal care products’ ingredients, child-resistant opening and closing are becoming a necessary addition for protection.

We provide multiple caps and closure mechanism with additional wadding for increased safety from spillage.

Innovations in Personal Care Packaging

Bi-Injection Moulding

With our Bi-injection moulding mechanism, we can manufacture a two color cap for a product, example Nivea’s blue and white color cap.

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