Our post molding services bring out your brand from the packaging. We are a stickler for matching your color codes and ensuring that your brand guidelines are met to the T.

Shrink Sleeving

We provide shrink sleeves in PVC, PET G and Expanded PS resins. The sleeve has different placement options:

  • Standard shrink sleeve

  • Full body shrink sleeve

  • Shrink band

  • Combination sleeve

We use the steam tunnel shrink application method for precise label registration and shape conformance.



Wadding is commonly used in Food & Beverage, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Beauty Care and Chemical industries. We manufacture multitude of wad sealing options like:

  • Single piece sealing wads

  • Two-piece sealing wads

  • High barrier sealing wads

  • Induction heat sealing wads

  • Cap-less sealing wads

Pad Printing

Pad printing is a useful alternative to screen printing for uniquely shaped packaging. It is a precision printing method that can be placed on any flat, round, smooth or texture surface.


Screen Printing

Also known as Silk Screen, it is one of the most popular post molding decoration option. It can decorate 360 degree of the container surface. In screen printing each color is applied separately using a new screen, to give a crisp design.


Labelling can be done in various types:

  • Pressure sensitive labelling

  • Spot labelling

  • Hot stamping

  • Heat transfer labelling

  • In Mold labelling

Since labels are mostly flat printed before application, they have unparalleled clarity. These are great choices for bringing out metallic or holographic accents


Spray Coating

Spray coating a container offers the ability to create customised, color, design, texture, or all. As the name suggests, in this process the container is sprayed to attain an effect. It is commonly used in combination with silk screening or pressure sensitive labelling to create a premium look.


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