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Born Again provides an avenue for brands and manufacturers to source a consistent supply of high-quality recycled PP and HDPE plastic from responsibly collected post-consumer and post-industrial waste.


Why choose Born Again?

  1. Vertically integrated supply chain ensures a consistent delivery system
  2. Quality checks at every stage result in premium near-virgin granules
  3. Our R&D team can help you to re-engineer your packaging to meet your sustainability goals
  4. Our In-house design team can help communicate your green initiatives through innovative packaging

We are here to help

We are here to help your company change from virgin to recycled plastic. These are some frequently asked questions we have the answers to -

  1. How can my company comply with legislations around packaging?
  2. How can my company procure a consistent supply of high-quality recycled resin?
  3. Born Again recycled resins can be used up to what percentage in my packaging?
  4. Are Born Again recycled resins food grade?

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