Bio-degradable plastics

Biodegradable plastics are plastics that decompose into organic compound. Biodegradation of plastics happens due to the agents of degradation – light, temperature, humidity and microorganisms in the soil/environment. These conditions metabolize and convert the structure of biodegradable plastics to decompose into simpler organic compound or gases.

At Manjushree, we are partnering with the global leaders in masterbatch technology to bring forth a new bio transformation technology. The idea is to achieve controlled degradation keeping in mind that different products have different shelf lives. The flexible time scale control empowers us to offer tailor made solutions for our customers.

Our vision with biodegradable plastics is to:

  • Lead the India rigid plastic packaging (RPP) space and be the first movers on biotransformation along with our global partners.
  • To be ready to support our customers and the regulatory bodies with Compostable solutions.
  • We have a clear vision on saying no to oxo-biodegradable solutions which eventually generate microplastics.

Mono Material

Mono material works on the concept of replacement of conventional packaging norms by introduction of special materials to deliver the packaging end applications with just a Monolayer / Monomaterial, achieving increased recyclability.

Mono Layer

One of our recent developments is Barrier Coating in RPP. It is a sustainable solution for agrochemical, pharmaceutical & food packaging. To fulfill the shelf life needs, the conventional packaging material have multiple layers with PE/TieLayer/EVOH etc. The use of Barrier coating eliminates the use of these multiple layers, it improves barrier, chemical resistance and metal replacements.

Mono Layer

Rigid packaging components are typically bottle or containers with caps and handles aligned with printed sleeves, labels etc. These are all different materials that cannot go through the same recycling process. For easy and effective segregation of plastics according to its category by the waste collectors, we are continuously working on redesigning alternate materials that can be used for entire packaging. This will eliminate the need of making different components with different plastic categories.


We are committed towards building a circular economy and with this intent, we are introducing a vertical, Born Again, that will collate and centralize the recycling of PCR in India. We will partner with several post-consumer waste aggregators and NGOs to collect and transfer of post-consumer to our upcoming recycling facility in Bidadi, Bangalore.

With this facility we will be able to launch Post-Consumer Recyclable (PCR) in olefins. Our association will be with the different partners in the entire supply chain and hence we will have a significant control on supply and quality of PCR.

Another one of our successful launches is the recycled PET (rPET). With this material we will be able to run process innovations to Upcycle i.e when rPET is reused to derive close to similar or higher quality products than original state. We will also be able to support Downcycling by our upcoming solutions. Downcycling is when rPET is reused to derive lesser quality products than the original.

Light weighting of plastic

Light weighting is a process by which the existing packaging is adjusted and redesigned to reduce the overall weight of the item. Light weighting is a sustainable practice that helps reduce carbon footprint by reducing the usage of plastic. Light weighting is also done by innovations in Materials replacing packaging material with a lighter weight alternative as done using the foaming technology or cutting down the amount of packaging material.

We have been proactively offering light weighting solutions to our customers over the history of our association with them. We actively look for technology and design innovations that would allow us continuous light weighting of existing products. The Foaming Technology I sone such innovation in the offing. This technology enables all the products made from Blow Molding & Injection Molding.

Depending on application a weight reduction of upto 20% can be achieved using the foaming technology. It is an innovative solution for industry needs of low carbon footprint, a step towards green initiatives – environment / circular economy. Couple of material innovations in rigid packaging are in the pipeline to support the light weighting solutions in high demand from plastic packaging industry.

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